May 9, 2019

Jake Berger with Polish and Ukrainian beauties

Jake: “Your ankles are sexy”⁣
Girl: “😀 Funny you say that, because I sprained them and they’re both swollen”⁣
Jake: (🤷🏼‍♂️) “Are both of you single?”⁣
Girl: “Yeah..”⁣
Jake: “4-some? 🙂”⁣

It seems like days ago when I’d zip my mouth closed 🤐⁣

A thought would leap into my brain, then my Inner Critic, would shout: ⁣

👺”That’s stupid. Say something normal” ⁣
🧐 (What’s something “normal”?) ⁣

This inner argument used to be a regular happening… A continual program⁣

That program has been embedded in us every day of school: ⁣
“👨🏻‍🏫 sit down. Be quiet.” ⁣
“Jacob, don’t say that!” ⁣

After years of re-programming, I’ve been able to plug back into the connection from Head to Mouth… ⁣

So whatever I think, I say… #Authenticity (💡that’s what girls mean when they say #JustBeYourself)⁣

And part of that re-programming involves adjusting and calibrating… ⚖️ ⁣

One thing I learned in basketball (and my #NLP training) is to play on the edges⁣

Average people dabble in the middle and get mediocre results⁣

Risk-takers play. ⁣

In fact, avoiding risks, is risky… Because when a person is passive, they settle… ⁣

And when settling becomes a pattern, they become a slave to circumstances. ⁣

😏 Yes, I did actually say those lines to that girl.. ⁣

And sometimes the girl may react with a face like she just smelled a fart ⁣

Then other times… ⁣

It’s the birth of bliss, where 2 souls meet and make magic… 🧙🏻‍♂️⁣

(There’s more to this story, but if it’s not interesting, then it doesn’t make sense for me to post… Please ❤️ to signal me to continue:) ⁣

🤯 #InceptionSelfie 😏 how deep did these #EgoManiacs go?⁣

Looks like the girls #ghosted us in the last photo 😏⁣

Or did they stick around for adventure… Regardful, I hope this inspires you to Play on the edges…


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