​For now I'm gonna skip all the "what it is" and assume you know it's a nootropic.

Let's dive into the meat.​

How much Piracetam should you take?

First let me define some terms:

minimum effective dose or MED: smallest amount that will produce a desired outcome.

largest effective dose or MaxED: no improvement in effectiveness is obtained.

The largest effective dose for Piracetam is:

1.6g, 3x per day, every 6-8 hours, at least 45 minutes before eating

​My minimum effective dose:

I've been feeling similar results with 2x 1.2g dosages: 1.2g after waking & 1.2g before lunch.

Test for a few days.  Not feeling effects?  Try a loading phase.

Attack dose during loading phase: 3g, 3x per day, for 2 days. [src]

I never had to try a loading phase.​

Piracetam Dosing Schedules

Piracetam Weekly Dosing Schedule

M-F: dosing
Sa-Sun: off

At my 2.4g/day.  That's 7g/week.  About 350g/year without cycling off.

Piracetam Daily Dosing Schedules

These schedules are based on the recommended daily dosage of 1.6, 3x per day, every 6-8 hours.

Piracetam Daily Dosage Schedule -Prioritizing Eating

If you eat every ~4 hours, scale down each dosage from 1.6g to 1.2g​:

- 8:00 am: Wake up​, 1.2g Dose; wait 45 minutes after dosing to eat
- 8:45 am: Eat; wait 3hr 45min until stomach empties
- 12:30 pm: 1.2g Dose
- 1:15 pm: Eat; wait 3hr 45min
* 5:00 pm: 1.2g Dose; wait 45min
- 5:45 pm: Eat

* I don't dose after 2pm.  If I'm working more than 8 hours a day, something is wrong with my work.

The cycle is:
- 1.2g dose on empty stomach
- wait 45min for absorption
- eat
- wait 3hr 45min for next dose on empty stomach

Piracetam Daily Dosage Schedule - Prioritizing Dosing

If you dose every ~6 hours​:

- 8:00 am: Wake up​, 1.6g dose; wait 45 minutes after dosing to eat
- 8:45 am: eat
- 2:00 pm: 1.6g dose
- 2:45 pm: eat
8:00 pm: 1.6g dose

* I don't dose after 2pm.  If I'm working more than 8 hours a day, something is wrong with my work.

Piracetam Daily Dosage Schedule - Intermittent Fasting

If you dose every ~6 hours​:

- 8:00 am: Wake up​, 1.6g dose
[no eating]
- 2:00 pm: 1.6g Dose
- 6:00 pm: Eat

Doses of 1.2g work for me.

What do scientific studies show on Piracetam dosages?

tested for direct effects on brain function of three single doses of piracetam (2.9, 4.8 or 9.6g) and a placebo...

Strongest effects were found after 4.8g piracetam, while 2.9g showed marginal and 9.6g showed no or even contrary effects as compared to placebo
the strength of the effects decreased with time. Maximal effects were found after 1-1½ hours
effects are greatest between 1hr and 4hr after dosage, and then diminish progressively to disappear between 8hr and 12hr after administration. This explains the need to divide the total daily dose into 3 intakes at 8-hourly intervals.

Scientific Source Publications: #1, #2

Internet advice on Piracetam dosing is varied

MED (g)

MaxED (g)

Per day

Total (g)






















Or if you don't like reading tables:

0.4-1.6g, 3x per day = 1.2g-4.8g per day. The largest effective dose is 1.6g, 3x per day. [src]

0.8g-2g per dosage. 2-3x per day = 2.4g-6g per day. [src]

Long-term users recommend a dosage of 4.0g–4.8g (about 1 teaspoon), 2-3x per day. [src]

4.8 grams every 8 hours, 2x per day = 9.6g per day. [src]

When should you take Piracetam?

Due to the water-soluble nature of Piracetam, take it on an empty stomach. After eating, wait at least 3hr 45min.

Avoid eating after 45 minutes of taking a dose. 

How long does food stay in the stomach?

230 minutes or ~3hr 45min

Wait 3hr 45min after eating to take Piracetam on an empty stomach

Further notes:

even though the drug affected these cognitive ERP segments, this finding does not directly indicate positive effects of piracetam on the performance of cognitive functions. The performance measures that were related to the target triplets (reaction time and percentage of correct responses) were not affected by the drug. The only behavioral finding was a lowering of commission errors, an effect which might also be interpreted as a simple decrease of anticipatory 'tension 'or 'anxiety'.
In Lehmann et al. 1993 , we speculated that the U-shaped dose-response curve might be due to the fact that a moderate dose of piracetam leads to an optimal coherence of brain functions, allowing best cognitive performance.

Higher doses might lead to an over-excitation which actually decreases performance.

Scientific Study Sources

Single Doses of Piracetam Affect 42-Channel Event-Related Potential Microstate Maps in a Cognitive Paradigm by Michel CM, Lehmann D., Department of Neurology, University Hospital, Zurich, Switzerland.


  • When taking piracetam, there's a potential side effect of headaches.  Ward them off by taking choline.
  • Use a ratio of 1g choline with every 8g Piracetam.
    That's 200mg choline / 1.6g piracetam.
  • At my daily dosing of 2.4g piracetam from 1.2g, 2x/day, that's:
  • 150mg choline / 1.2g piracetam dose
  • 300mg choline/day
    1.5g choline/week
    75g choline/year
  • Natural sources of choline:
      - 115mg / 1 pasteurized egg yolk
      - 40
    mg/ 8oz (250mL) of milk, yogurt, or kefir
      - 70
    mg / 1 cup of lentils, garbanzo beans, or lima beans
      - 60mg / 1 cup of sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, or almonds
      - 65mg / 1 cup of cooked cauliflower, cabbage, bok choy, or broccoli
  • I eat 2-4 raw eggs, yogurt, and sunflower seeds each day.  The raw eggs could've been causing loose stool.
  • Choline types: 
      - Choline bitartrate
      - Alpha GPC
      - CDP Choline (Citicoline)
  • Alpha GPC and CDP Choline have a higher percentage of choline and a greater bioavailability than choline salts or lecithin.
  • Tolerance is rare.  Cycle if you want with other nootropics.
  • This blog article is only for piracetam; NOT Aniracetam

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