"Sometimes you have to step into the fire to see if you'll actually be burned," I said to my friend.

He responded, "step into the fire... that seems like a harsh way of looking at it..."


Since that conversation, I've taken a deep dive into metaphors, beliefs, stories, and how they form the foundation for mindset and behavioral patterns.

Note: This is part 1 in a mini-series about scarcity & abundance, becoming prosperous, and avoiding self-fulfilling prophesies.

This first article is about metaphors.  The 2nd article is about breaking scarcity patterns (and inserting abundance patterns).  You'll find a link to the 2nd article at the bottom of this article.

But first, read this article...

A metaphor is a figure of speech applied to something which is not literally applicable.
“I've fallen through a trapdoor of depression.”

In the sentence above: "trapdoor of depression" is the metaphor.  Because you could never literally walk up to a trapdoor labelled "depression", fall into it, and become depressed.

But, what happens next is interesting...

If you metaphorically fall into a trapdoor of depression, then the solution to get out of depression could be related to where you land after falling through the trapdoor.

Or, even if you land.

Some people keep spiralling down and never "hit rock bottom".

So, if you're in a downward-spiralling depression, find your bottom ground, ask someone to throw you down a rope ladder, and start climbing up.

What if you never got that rope ladder?

What if you never realized that you kept spiralling down?...

I hope that example highlights the importance of the way you think about things.

Let's jump into the action:

The Gravity of Metaphors

After this section is a list of phrases.

You could scroll past each item in the list.  Instead...

I challenge you to be present.  Take a moment to feel your bottom resting on your chair or feet resting on the ground.​

For the first item: Life is war, I invite you to take 5 seconds to visualize war: battle, guns, killing, death, etc... then think of how all of those connections cause you to paint a grim picture of Life.

Consider the following metaphors about what your life is like:

Let me rehash: for each line, I challenge you to read the line, read the (connectors), look away from the screen, and take 5 seconds to visualize the metaphor with your mind's eye:

  1. Life is a game I need to win (opponent, scoreboard, clock running down)
  2. Life is a game for playing (team, smiles, hugs)

Has your perspective of metaphors shifted?

If you look at the list again, I purposely ordered them from pain to peace.

Use the following metaphors to spark your own ideas of metaphors you use:

(Bonus: write down your metaphors to solidify a concrete understanding of your thought patterns)


  • I'm a hurricane --> destructive
  • I can't wrap my head around it.
  • My head is like a box of rats


  • my blubber (whale fat)




  • 'ball-and-chain'
  • my girlfriend (inferring ownership of a person)
  • partner
  • fuck buddy (implying 'only physical')
  • lover
  • romance


  • 'ball-and-chain' (spouse)


Money & Finances

  • (projecting contempt towards people with money --> devoting an entire article in part 3)


  • the grind

That's it.  What other metaphors could you think of?  Leave a comment, message me, or discuss with a friend.  

A metaphor can keep you stuck in thought & behavior loops.  One of those could be scarcity.

Besides changing your metaphor, there's another way...

Part 2: Break out of the Scarcity Loop

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