What is a 'mantra'?

A mantra is ​a sound, word, or phrase that is consciously repeated over and over.

Why is a Mantra important?

If I was 6'6 (2m) tall, then I could easily dunk a basketball.  Apart from genetic limitations, a human can do anything.  A human can achieve anything.

I want a lot of money.

My dad has a lot of money.

Yet for my entire life, I saw my father working 80+ hours a week.

This created an invisible, 'ghost' belief that, if I want a lot of money, I'll have to ​work 80+ hours a week.

For me, having these 2 things at the same time weren't "possible":
- a regular and relaxed work schedule, and
- a lot of money

Those 2 beliefs were constantly wrestling with each other -- creating cognitive dissonance.

"How could I have a lot of money if I believe it'll be bad for me?"

If you don't have everything​ you want...  If your life isn't what you want it to be, then it's usually a matter of destructive or conflicting belief systems and mindsets.

A mantra​ helps reshape and shift a misaligned mindset.

How does a mantra work?

A mantra is similar to positive brainwashing.

Because you are saying and hearing the words, a mantra acts on the physical level or within your body.

Once you the mantra starts to affect you physically -- brings a smile to your face, relaxes you, etc. -- it is physiologically embedded.

Your conscious mind is continuously exposed to the mantra.​

After continual exposure, the mantra begins to embed in the subconscious mind and believe the mantra.  Now it's embedded neurologically.

Once a mantra is embedded both neurologically and physiologically, within the mind and body -- it spreads to your complete self (your soul).

When is the best time to chant a mantra?

​Your mind and body are fresh and vulnerable in the morning.  Ideally, after you wake up, and before you expose yourself to any kind of news, social media, books, or any outside ideas at all.

What if you wake up late and don't have time in the morning?

Find a quiet place, and take 1 minute to focus on deep breathing.

After your body is calm and mind is empty, then begin your mantras.​

How to chant a mantra?

Because the phrase is repeated over and over, it's easy to fall into a habitual, unconscious pattern.  Where you're 'going through the motions'​.

Chant a mantra consciously, with certainty, intensity and emotion.​

Click the play button and Watch the first 40 seconds of this video to see one way to chant a mantra:

Say the words clearly.  It's better to repeat 10 mantras completely and clearly vs. 20 mantras as a verbal blur.

When is a mantra session finished?

I usually chant a mantra until I reach a tipping point.

Once I've reached a tipping point, I know the mantra is starting to embed itself.

Good signs that it's embedding:

  • ​an unforced smile naturally comes to your face
  • after you stop, you take a deep breath
  • ​you feel invigorated with energy
  • you feel inspired

How often do you chant a mantra?


Let's say you want 'more money'.  

You chant until you win the lottery.

Your more money mantra might seem complete, but it's NOT.

Many lottery winners end up going broke afterwards.​  Because they don't know how to have or keep 'more money'.  They physically have more money, but their mind doesn't know how to have 'more money'.

When do you stop using a mantra?

So chant your mantra regularly, until your intended result is completely embedded -- both physiologically and neurologically.

In the case of a lottery winner, the money would be invested with continual and regular disbursements.​

How do you find or choose a mantra?

  1. search in google: "money mantra"
  2. open the 1st 3 links in new tabs
  3. for any mantra that you partially like, copy & paste it to a text file or notepad
  4. take the best parts from each mantra and combine it into one mantra

About the author 

Jake Berger

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