Start Lasting Longer in Bed

The simple fact is that most women need 10-20 minutes and most men last less than 3 minutes.



This 4-video training series will give you principles and techniques to:

  • last longer
  • control when you come, without distracting your mind
  • have stronger, more intense ‘finishes’ (without feeling drained afterwards)

These principles and techniques have been dug up from the past and refined with modern technology for your viewing pleasure (and bedroom pleasure;)

In total there are 4 videos:

Video #1: Start-Stop Technique — start training your muscles

Video #2: Double Squeeze — training the reflex for a definite full-stop, to lock-in and prevent coming before you’re ready

Video #3: Pushing — simulating the Point of No Return and introducing an essential principle for stronger, more intense finishes (without feeling drained afterwards)

Video #4: Synchronization — control when you come so you don’t have to distract your mind

You’ll receive a permanent link to Video #1 — Start-Stop Technique, so you can watch it now and come back to it whenever you want.

Start-Stop Technique

You can watch the video or read the description below.
This simple exercise will help you start lasting longer.  It also:

  • takes just a few extra seconds each day
  • NO weird devices, mind tricks, or hypnotism
  • can be practiced as you go about your everyday life
  • actually helps your prostate (1 in 7 men will be diagnosed in their lifetime)

It’s called the Start-Stop Technique.  Here’s what you do:

  1. While you’re peeing, get a normal flow going.
  2. Once that normal flow is going, squeeze and clench the muscles in your groin — your cock, balls, and butt.
  3. Squeeze until the stream stops.
  4. Then relax the muscles and start peeing again.
  5. Get a normal flow going, then stop again.
  6. Repeat the cycle until you’re done peeing.

Too easy? or Already know this technique?

You might be thinking, “I already knew that.” or “That seems so basic.”  Great!  It’s supposed to be simple.  The next videos are a bit more challenging and we’re trying to gradually build up strength.

When NOT to practice

I recommend to NOT do this if you have to go badly.  There’s a lot of pressure built up and it takes a lot more force and strain in your cock muscles to stop it.

What if there’s Pain

A bit of pain is normal, because these muscles have never been worked. Just like going to the gym for the first time.  They could be a bit sore.

If pain is continuous, then you might want to see a doctor.

How to prevent coming too quickly..

Next, we’ll work on training the reflex for a definite full-stop, to lock-in and stop from coming too quickly with the Double Squeeze.

You’ll have a few days to practice the Start-Stop Technique before receiving the next video.  So let me know how it goes and keep and an eye on your inbox.