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Johnny Soporno on Seduction

Warning! Not for close-minded people.  Johnny presents a unique paradigm that society has devolved into. source of about 6 hours of videos note: Johnny admits to talking in open loops to bypass your ego’s walls… keep in mind while you’re reading… there may be a leap from one idea to the next idea before finishing the previous ideaWhen is […]

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Ultimate [Beginner’s] Guide to Mantras

Table of Contents What is a ‘mantra’?Why is a Mantra important?How does a mantra work?When is the best time to chant a mantra?How to chant a mantra?When is a mantra session finished?How often do you chant a mantra?How do you find or choose a mantra? What is a ‘mantra’?A mantra is ​a sound, word, or phrase that […]

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Chiang Mai Weekday Daily Routine

@Baan Thai apartment Morning Ritual wake up bouncing and body shaking 25min yoga stretching and balancing Breakfast peanut butter shake of: sunflower seeds and raisins soaked in yogurt natural yogurt with no sugar added coconut milk 3 raw eggs cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg powder almond powder Good Vibrations Work Ritual work lunch: banana + PB nap by […]

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How to take Piracetam [Beginners Guide]

​For now I’m gonna skip all the “what it is” and assume you know it’s a nootropic. Let’s dive into the meat.​How much Piracetam should you take?First let me define some terms: minimum effective dose or MED: smallest amount that will produce a desired outcome. largest effective dose or MaxED: no improvement in effectiveness is obtained.The largest effective dose for Piracetam is:1.6g, […]

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